The Footprint Scale

Wondering how Footprints and Photos works? Well it’s nice and easy!

Simply search for what you’d like to read about using the function in the header, or peruse the blog posts via the categories. You will find stories and reviews on activities, transport, accommodation, etc. Based on the sustainable and responsible nature of these travel related companies, locations or activities, I give them a score out of five footprints using the Footprint Scale.

Footprints and Photos - The Footprint Scale

What is the Footprint Scale?

The footprint scale is a rank out of five footprints.

The smaller the environmental footprint the better! I’m looking for products, adventures and brands that promote a small footprint and so when I find them I will share with you a beautiful green footprint like this:Footprints and Photos - The Footprint Scale

The bigger your environmental and social footprint, the higher your score on the Footprint Scale. In this instance you’ll see a red footprint.Footprints and Photos - The Footprint Scale


Sometimes things work out somewhere in the middle, and in those cases you’ll see my opinion via a rainbow of footprints.

Footprints and Photos - The Footprint Scale
Footprints and Photos - The Footprint Scale
Footprints and Photos - The Footprint Scale

I think you get the picture.

What makes up the scale?

I assess everything with a checklist. This checklist includes water consumption, waste generation and disposal, construction materials, animal welfare, power usage, education, effort and community impact, just to name a few. Depending on what I’m assessing, certain elements will be necessary to include or remove so that the assessment is fair. I will disclose my checklist at the end of each post so you know what it is I’ve included.

Review the reviewer

I encourage you to comment with your own experiences and thoughts. Travel can be very subjective and what might have been a great experience for me could have been somewhat less so for you. Let’s make Footprints and Photos a discussion and help raise environmental and community awareness when travelling.

Any questions – let me know!