The Face(s) of East Africa; a photo essay of wildlife faces

Africa Tanzania giraffe ngorongoro craterr

There are so many sides to East Africa; it is a land of such contrasting places and faces. When you hear someone breathlessly utter ‘Africa’… who or what springs to mind? What face do you see?

I’ve been in East Africa for three months now and I’m still wondering;

Who is East Africa?

Recently I went on safari (such a tourist, I know!) through four of the countries that comprise East Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda and I fell in love. The wildlife and landscapes were incredible. Vast savannas. Stocky rhinocerous. Lush jungle. And everywhere – faces!

Looking back through my photos (which are really just a collection of one gorgeous critter after another) made me want to share with you the faces I found. So here they are, in no particular order – my top 10 faces of East Africa.


Africa Kenya Nairobi giraffe

An icon of Africa with piercing eyes; I couldn’t look past this face.


Africa Kenya Impala

Ok, granted it’s more of a butt shot then a face shot but when you are known as the MacDonalds of Africa by the M on your behind, your face is playing second fiddle.


Africa Kenya Lake Naivasha pelican

The striking colour of the beak drew my eye, then I realised it’s face is PINK!


Africa Kenya Lake Nakuru lioness

Who is watching who? Mumma Lioness was keeping a close eye on us and by doing so mesmerized me.


Africa Kenya Lake Nakuru buffalo

What a beast! Not a care in the world – not even the flies on his nose will get him to move.


Africa Kenya Lake Nakuru zebra

I swear he can see straight into my soul.


Africa Kenya Lake Nakuru ostrich

Camouflage made this girl difficult to find, but watching her peer from behind the tree was worth the effort.


Africa Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park hippos

The joy of the sun on this hippo’s face is contagious.


Africa Tanzania Ngorongoro crater wildebeest

The stripes, the hair, the eyes, the horns – what a face!


Africa Uganda Mountain Gorilla

Literally stops me in my tracks! This is the FACE I fell for.

Who did I forget?

Did I miss a favourite face? Do you have any photos of African Faces that you would like to share? Then drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you.

Ps… You all know my weakness is the cute, cuddly, spikey, shiny and slimey! 😛 I’ll get to the people side of things later!

The Footprint Scale

Footprints and Photos - 2/5 on the Footprint Scale

Photography Safari: 2/5 footprints

Heading on safari in Africa is a great eco-friendly and sustainable activity (as long as the company is reputable!). Shoot animals with a lens and not a gun! While on the road, be mindful of  camps, waste, water, etc and your trip will be guilt free!