Where I’ve Left My Footprints

What’s been crossed off The List… for now!

Want to find my footprints? Well I’ve visited 60 countries and have lived in four – Australia (forever and always my home), the United Kingdom (England – the birthplace of my dad), Kenya (to volunteer in an informal settlement) and now South Africa!

My favourite footprints

I have a few soft spots from my travels that have stolen my heart.

Footprints in Malaysia with orangutans

How could I forget this cheeky face?

The first is Malaysia where I volunteered with orangutans, swam with turtles and climbed my first mountain. I was there for three months and it was my very first solo international trip. It completely and utterly changed my life. Whilst I already had the travel bug, this catapulted me into global travel and gave me the confidence to be who I am.

Next would probably be Fiji. Just a short getaway but it was the first overseas trip with my boyfriend (luckily he has been bitten by the same bug). We had a wonderful balance between exploring Viti Levu and then helicoptering out to a resort island for a few days. The snorkeling was incredible, the time-out was incredible and the sea-plane back to Viti Levu was incredible (despite my immense fear of flying)!

And then there is Sweden. I went for the first time last year and managed to see the northern lights which were as spectacular as I had always dreamed. I was then fortunate enough to spend Christmas night in the ICEHOTEL which is a memory I will never forget!

What’s next on The List…

My last remaining continent is Antarctica – if you have any tips on how to get there, let me know!

I am also currently obsessed with both Iran and Ethiopia, so they are sitting at the top of ‘my list’. I unfortunately had to cancel a trip to West Africa (Togo, Benin and Ghana) in 2014 – thought it best to avoid an Ebola outbreak – but have heard that the borders are up and running so maybe next year… (don’t tell my dad!).

I’d love to hear where you’ve been or where you want to go, so please write to me

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