Footprints and Photos is a blog for the sustainable minded traveller.

Our love of travel often takes a toll on the fragile world around us. With gas guzzling long-haul flights, bulk bottled water and the taming of wild beasts to carry our lazy butts up and down the tourist strip, travelling ‘light’ is often hard to do. But there is a way and Footprints and Photos is here to help you find it!

If you are a greenie at heart, like to make the ‘right’ choices and believe that this planet of ours is our one and only, then subscribe and join me as I share my advice on how to TRAVEL GREEN, how to be ECO-FRIENDLY, and how we can contribute to the world around us in a POSITIVE sense.

The face behind the footprints

Hi! I’m Kaylee and as a qualified environmental scientist I am committed to having as little impact as possible on the world around us. I have worked in various aspects of the environmental industry in Australia for 10 years. Australia is lucky in that it values it’s environmental gifts – the majority of tourism photographs or video adverts that you will see on Australia will feature the beautiful natural landscape and wildlife. We also depend on our earth for our economy – tourism, mining, farming, fishing. With stringent environmental laws and regulations in place to protect our wildlife and natural resources, Australia’s natural gifts provided me with a career, has fed my passion for conservation and set a benchmark for environmental protection.

My travel style

When I travel, as I do regularly and often for long periods of time, I believe it is important to be conscious of the environmental impact we have whilst on the move. Footprints and Photos is a chance for me to share with you tips on making your travel style sustainable too. My biggest tip is always about making responsible choices; small things like choosing to pick up rubbish you find, even if it’s not yours. Or choosing to visit a destination that is eco-friendly rather than a one based on exploitation of environment or local communities. Seeing the various levels of environmental respect, or lack there of, compels me to share my thoughts with you all.

Having visited 60 countries (and counting!) I enjoy sharing my tips, experiences and eye opening encounters via this blog. Subscribe if you’d like to hear great tips on how to be environmentally conscious when abroad – or if you’d just love to hear about the crazy places I end up in!

An Australian abroad

Although Australia is home I have found myself living all over the globe. In 2017 I moved to Cape Town, South Africa. This city is vibrant, contrasting and overflowing with appeal. Prior to this I was in Nairobi, Kenya for 6 months. Living there was definitely challenging but I loved it; my life consisted of volunteering in an urban settlement (slum) – one of only a handful of mzungu (foreigner) for miles. If you’d like to know where else I’ve lived (or visited) check out My Footprints.

When travelling or living in new countries or cities I love being immersed in different cultures. It is eye-opening to see how various cultures live and interact and how they value the world around them. Regardless of where I am, I always try to seek out responsible and sustainable activities, accommodation or transport options. And this is what Footprints and Photos is all about. If you are the kind of traveller that wants to make your next trip kinder on our world, then sign up and let me do the leg work for you!

Some of my incredible Footprints and Photos adventures also feature online!

If you’d like to read more, the Footprints and Photos Guest Posts and Published Works page has a full list of online articles. You can also contact me via that same page if you’d have any questions, queries or suggestions on eco-friendly travel.

I hope you will stick around and join me as I criss-cross the planet taking only photos, and leaving only footprints.

xx Kaylee

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