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Footprints and Photos - Meet KayleeHi! I’m Kaylee and I’m a qualified environmental advisor and global travel addict committed to environmentally and socially responsible travel. Want to know more about who I am? You can read more here.

I’ve created Footprints and Photos to help my fellow responsible travellers make the right choice when on the move. Look for these footprint icons at the end of my articles to guide you or head here for more info.

Footprints and Photos - the enviro footprint scale




Sustainable travel is about making choices on the road that minimize the negative social, environmental and economic impacts of your visit. Below is a simple guide to sustainable travel.

  • Avoiding the exploitation of animals

  • Buying locally produced food

  • Minimising waste (reduce, reuse, recycle)

  • Being mindful of limited resources, including water and energy

  • Choosing public transport where available

  • Staying in locally owned accommodation

  • Carbon offsetting those unavoidable long-haul flights